Duct Cleaning Service in Sacramento, CA & Surrounding Cities

Dirty duct ventilation.

Your home’s air ducts are out of sight and out of mind, sitting behind walls and other hard-to-reach places. While they’re an essential component of your HVAC system, it’s easy to forget about them until it’s too late and the air circulating in your home is filthy. At Jaguar Heating & Air, we recommend scheduling professional duct cleaning every three to five years to keep your air ducts in good condition.

Jaguar Heating & Air performs duct cleaning services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas. As a family-owned and operated HVAC company, we know how important the health of your loved ones is to your peace of mind. That’s why we offer affordable flat rate prices and never charge extra on the weekends. Our highly trained service technicians will complete your duct cleaning right the first time.

Airborne Contaminants in Your Sacramento Home

The average home in Sacramento has a number of microscopic airborne contaminants circulating in the air. Some of these include dust, pet dander, pollen, bacteria and other particles that can be harmful to your health. While your body naturally fights off the effects of these contaminants, high concentrations can cause the flu, worsen allergy symptoms or result in severe asthma attacks.

The Problem of Dirty Air Ducts in Your Sacramento Home

Your ducts circulate air throughout your home nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Over time, it’s easy for airborne contaminants to collect. Without regular duct cleaning, they can amount to high and harmful concentrations. This can result in health issues for you and efficiency problems for your HVAC system.

Professional Duct Cleaning Service in Sacramento

At Jaguar Heating & Air, we take your health and comfort seriously, and that means making sure your HVAC system doesn’t negatively impact either. Our mission is to help and satisfy our customers, and we accomplish that by offering our duct cleaning service at an affordable price and making sure you’re satisfied with our work. That’s why we offer a 100-percent customer satisfaction guarantee. You can count on us to help you lead a healthier life at home for years to come.

Do your ducts in Elk Grove, Folsom, Lincoln, Rocklin, Roseville, Sacramento or the surrounding areas in California need cleaning? If so, call us to instantly connect with one of our friendly service technicians. We look forward to proving why we’re considered Sacramento’s Best HVAC Business.

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