What’s Causing My Poor Indoor Air Quality in Elk Grove, CA?

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Elk Grove, CA, home can cause adverse health effects. It may lead to headaches, asthma attacks and more. Here are some common causes of poor IAQ:

Microbial Contamination

Microbes such as bacteria thrive in moist household areas like basements and bathrooms. They may also damage your home’s structural elements, such as drywall. Some microbes produce mycotoxins that cause illness and trigger allergic symptoms.

This type of pollutant thrives in moist and dusty conditions. It’s a good idea to invest in dehumidifiers to reduce the level of moisture in your home. It’s also important to check periodically for these pollutants in your HVAC system and have a professional clean your ducts.

Pollen and Allergens

When you inhale pollen and allergens, they inflame your airways, which may trigger asthma attacks or other respiratory problems. Pollen may find its way in your home through the open windows or on your clothes when you come in from the outdoors. You may vacuum and dust regularly to reduce the level of pollen and allergens in your home.

However, the most efficient way to fight these pollutants for everyday clean air is to invest in an air purifier. Some models may also kill harmful bacteria. Contact your local HVAC contractor for more information about air purifiers.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs come from many items, such as paint and cleaning products. When in high concentrations, they can irritate the skin and trigger allergies. In the worst-case scenario, they could cause cancer.

It’s best to eliminate these compounds if at all possible. But if you must use some VOCs, invest in an energy recovery ventilator to remove them from your home’s indoor air.

Pet Dander and Fur

Pet dander and fur can trigger allergies or damage your HVAC system. For instance, when they accumulate in the air filters, they restrict airflow and force your system to work more. They inflate your utility bills and may damage internal components that require repairs or replacements.

Brush and clean the pets frequently to keep your home clean. Also, invest in an air cleaner and change or clean your air filters monthly.

Don’t ignore your indoor air quality. Always take steps to improve and maintain it and avoid health problems in the long run. For more information about HVAC maintenance services, contact our team at Jaguar Heating & Air.

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