Understanding Zoned HVAC

If you’re not happy with the HVAC efficiency or comfort in your Rocklin, California, home, you may be looking for a solution. One option is to replace the system completely. But this is an expensive and time-consuming venture that may not be necessary if your system still has life left in it. Instead of forking out a small fortune, consider adding zoned HVAC to target specific areas of the home. Zoned HVAC is a great option, especially in larger homes or those that don’t heat or cool efficiently.

Dividing Your Home Into Zones

The first step in creating a zoned HVAC system is dividing the house into zones that thermostats individually control. These zones will typically have electronic modulating dampers as well. They sense the temperature and can automatically adjust airflow by opening or closing the vents. Installing a zoned system is best left to an HVAC professional. Trying to alter airflow yourself can decrease efficiency even more.

Biggest Benefits of Zoned HVAC

When you have a multilevel house or hot and cold spots you can’t resolve, a zoned HVAC system may be the perfect solution. Heat rises, so it’s always more difficult to manage the indoor temperature on an upper level. That’s especially true during the warm summer months.

If your bedrooms are on the upper level, you may struggle to get comfortable enough to fall asleep when it’s hot. A zoned HVAC system gives you control over specific areas of the home without having to heat and cool the entire space. As a result, you can target airflow where you need it.

Zoning can also improve the convenience factor of an HVAC system. You can adjust the temperature in the room you’re in without having to walk across the house to the single thermostat. It’s also easier to enjoy your ideal temperature, even if a person in another bedroom prefers another.

At Jaguar Heating & Air, we offer zoned HVAC solutions to maximize home comfort. Call us at 916-256-4447 to learn more.

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