3 Reasons Not to Neglect Spring HVAC Maintenance in Lincoln, CA

Even though spring is almost over, there’s still time to schedule your pre-summer HVAC tuneup in Lincoln, CA. With temperatures already rising, you’ve probably already become more dependent on your HVAC system than you were even a month ago. Schedule a spring HVAC maintenance visit to take advantage of all of the benefits they provide.

Keep Your Home Comfortable

Regular maintenance visits allow one of our service technicians to look at every part of your home’s HVAC system. When each part works correctly, your HVAC system can keep your home comfortable. Regular HVAC maintenance is one of the most important parts of beating the summer heat.

Maximize Energy Efficiency

It’s also important to note that maintenance and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Not only do regular tuneups help improve your home’s comfort. They also have a direct impact on energy efficiency. When each component of your HVAC system works as designed, it can live up to its efficiency rating. As a result, you minimize your cooling costs.

Protect Your HVAC System Warranty

Your HVAC warranty helps protect you from being responsible for the cost of replacement parts and other potentially expensive system repairs. However, those warranties generally include conditions you’re responsible for meeting. In most cases, those conditions include regular HVAC maintenance by a professionally licensed service technician who is responsible for documenting the maintenance. If you try DIY HVAC repairs or maintenance, this can also avoid the warranty.

If you want to enjoy increased comfort and decreased monthly utility bills while protecting your system’s warranty, scheduling an HVAC maintenance visit is a must. Call us today at Jaguar Heating & Air to find out more about our heating and cooling services designed to keep your home comfortable and efficient. We look forward to hearing from you.

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