4 Reasons to Invest in IAQ Solutions in Elk Grove, CA

You may not think there’s anything wrong with your home. But your indoor air quality affects you in ways you may not even notice. Aside from aggravating allergies and asthma, poor indoor air quality affects your health in many ways. Below are four reasons to invest in IAQ solutions for your Elk Grove, CA, home.

Allergy Reduction

Nobody likes living with allergies. Poor indoor air quality only aggravates those conditions. While you may feel as though the effects of your allergies are annoying at best, it puts stress on your body as long as you experience the symptoms. Clean indoor air reduces your allergies and allows you to breathe easier.

Better Sleep Quality

Sleep is important to your health for several reasons, and poor indoor air quality disrupts it. Even if you don’t develop a sleep disorder, poor indoor air quality means that you won’t feel as comfortable.

Humidity Control

The EPA states that the relative humidity levels inside should be between 30% and 50%. High indoor humidity attracts pests, increases your dust mite population, causes bacterial growth, aggravates existing health issues and wreaks havoc on your furniture and home’s structure. Low indoor humidity causes skin irritation, static electricity and other negative effects.

Odor Reduction

It’s hard to focus on work, school or sleep when a mystery odor is your focus. Whether it’s smelling the litter box in the other room, dusty odors from your ductwork or the lingering odor of cooked fish in the home, the right indoor air quality solution takes care of unwanted odors. Even the most imperceptible bad odor has an effect on your heart rate, mood and stress level.

Don’t let your HVAC system throw a wrench in your indoor air quality plans. Contact Jaguar Heating & Air today to take advantage of our HVAC maintenance agreements to keep your IAQ solutions working at peak efficiency.

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