Can I Perform My Own Furnace Repairs in Rocklin, CA?

There’s no worse time for your furnace to break down than during the winter — even during a mild winter like we usually enjoy in Rocklin, CA. The distress from a breakdown might tempt you to try DIY furnace repairs. However, for some important reasons, attempting to repair your furnace on your own is a bad idea.

It’s Dangerous

DIY furnace repairs present a variety of dangers. Without professional training and extensive knowledge of the internal workings of these systems, you might inadvertently ignite a fire when trying to correct a wiring issue.

Another possibility is that you might unintentionally set off a carbon monoxide leak. This would be highly dangerous under any circumstances since carbon monoxide is quite toxic. However, if there are issues with your furnace’s pilot light, the danger is even greater than usual since you will likely won’t know the gas is leaking.

It Could End Up Costing You More

With all the hazards accompanying any kind of DIY furnace repairs, you could easily end up creating a larger problem than the one you intended to solve. In that case, you’d end up paying for professional assistance anyway. Thus, DIY furnace repairs undertaken with the aim of saving money could utterly backfire.

Void Your Warranty

All furnaces come with manufacturers’ warranties of some sort. These will typically cover the cost of parts and labor for any repair work undertaken within a given period after you bought the furnace. However, these agreements often have clauses stipulating that trying to repair the furnace on your own will void the warranty.

No matter what’s wrong with your furnace, you shouldn’t risk undertaking DIY repairs. Instead, trust our team of trained service technicians to help you. Call Jaguar Heating & Air to get the best heating repair services in Rocklin, CA.

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