It’s normal for mechanical objects, from cars to elevators, to make noise during operation. Your furnace in Rocklin, CA, is no different. But noises from your furnace should be quiet. Below are five sounds from your furnace that mean trouble and require the attention of a professional immediately.

Loud Humming

When a heating system runs, the normal sound it should make is a low hum. If a loud hum occurs, this indicates a problem with a capacitor or a fan, which lowers the energy-saving ability of your heater.

Pops or Bangs

Soft popping sounds are typically normal when warm air hits the cold metal in the ducts, causing expansion. However, loud popping noises indicate that the burners of your furnace are dirty. Unattended to, this causes gas buildup and cracks in your heat exchanger.


If a rumbling occurs after your heater finishes a cycle, this is cause for concern. Even though the burners shut down, there’s fuel continuing to burn in the combustion chamber. This increases the risk of carbon monoxide production, which impacts your indoor air quality and health.


If there’s a squealing noise coming from your furnace, there’s an issue with the blower motor. One of the common causes is a loose belt, but it can also be something more complex.


Thumping noises indicate a serious issue that requires the immediate repair and maintenance services of an HVAC professional. It usually means an unbalanced blower wheel or motor, both of which are major parts of the heater.

If you’re experiencing any of these noises, it’s time to call a professional before your heating system leaves you in the cold this winter. Our professional and knowledgeable service technicians offer all the HVAC services you need. Call Jaguar Heating & Air so that our heater repair services can get your system back into proper operating condition.

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