A warranty provides protection for the HVAC system in your Roseville, California, home. However, this warranty only remains active if you follow the requirements outlined in your agreement. While you should read the fine print to determine exactly how your HVAC warranty works, these tips will help you keep it valid:

Hire a Professional for the Installation

System warranties are only valid if you have a licensed professional install the product. Look for a NATE-certified service technician to ensure you’re working with someone who has the proper training and experience to do the job right. Though HVAC installation might seem simple, even a minor error could result in operational issues and a voided warranty.

Use Only Brand Name Parts

Manufacturers require that you use their brand name parts for repairs if you want to keep the manufacturer warranty active. Using an off-brand part may seem tempting if there’s a slight difference in price, but it’s usually worth the investment to get the proper parts while your system is under warranty. If the parts don’t solve your problem, you can often cash in on the HVAC warranty for a full replacement.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Required annual maintenance is one of the easiest stipulations to overlook. HVAC warranties usually require you to schedule annual maintenance to keep them active. If you don’t have your system tuned up once a year, you may find the warranty void when you need a repair or replacement. Regular maintenance can help prevent many problems and will make it easier to catch a developing issue early before you suffer a complete system failure.

If your heating or cooling system is under warranty, it’s important to care for it properly so that you don’t void this plan. Call Jaguar Heating & Air at 916-256-4447 for your repair and maintenance needs. We can help you keep your HVAC warranty in place.

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