Are you looking for an efficient way to manage comfort in your Lincoln, California, home? A heat pump offers several handy features that’ll keep you comfortable year-round. Learn more about how heat pumps work so you can decide if this is the right fit for your home. Simple, versatile and energy-efficient, this is an intriguing alternative to a more traditional central air conditioner or furnace.

Offers Heating and Cooling

Heat pumps offer both heating and cooling. The reversing valve lets you switch seamlessly between warming the home and cooling it.

Heat pumps manage your home comfort by moving heat from one place to another. When it’s warm outside, the heat pump pulls heat out of the air in your home and vents it outside. In cool weather, it pulls the available heat from the air outside and brings in it. This one system does it all.

Provides Room-by-Room Comfort

Your heat pump can feature multiple indoor units. You can turn these on and off as you enter or leave the room so you’re not heating and cooling empty spaces. You can also adjust temperatures individually at these units. As a result, you can enjoy customized comfort in each room.

Keeps Air Clean

Heat pumps use a small hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor units. They can operate without ductwork. If you choose a ductless heat pump, you can get rid of the dust buildup that’s often found in ductwork. If you’re keeping your ductwork, consider a duct cleaning for a fresh start with your heat pump. The filter in your heat pump will help keep the air clean as it circulates, even through a ducted system.

If you’re interested in a new heat pump installation for your home, Jaguar Heating & Air can help. We’ll help you explore your options and choose the best unit for your home. Give us a call at 916-256-4447.

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