How Duct Cleaning Impacts HVAC System Life Expectancy

Most people recognize the importance of regular tuneups and repairs for the life expectancy and functionality of your HVAC system. But duct cleaning often goes ignored. Here are ways that duct cleaning can impact the lives of the HVAC systems belonging to those who live and operates businesses in Rocklin, CA:

Better Airflow

Perhaps the single most important factor influencing the overall efficiency of your HVAC system is the quality of airflow through it. When air flows smoothly, everything generally functions well. But when anything obstructs airflow, your system cannot operate as effectively or efficiently.

Having clean ductwork is an excellent way to ensure good airflow, since any kind of accumulated dirt could potentially keep air from moving freely. Clean ductwork isn’t the only factor that contributes to this, but it’s certainly one.

Lower Energy Bills

A major consequence of filthy ducts and the associated poor airflow is a massive increase in your energy bills. When your system works harder to heat and cool your home or business, it requires more energy. An investment in routine duct cleaning is an investment in your home or business’s energy efficiency capabilities.

Healthy Air Quality

Dirty ductwork is a breeding ground for just about every kind of filth and pollutant imaginable. As air blows through your ducts, these pollutants are bound to glide into your home or business. When this happens, your indoor air quality declines and your health will suffer as a result. Instead of dealing with the effects of poor indoor air quality, have your ductwork professionally cleaned.

Keeping your ducts clean is just as important as any other part of HVAC upkeep, like changing your filters every 30-90 days. Contact us at Jaguar Heating & Air today to find out more about scheduling duct cleaning services in or around Rocklin, CA.

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