Should My Heat Pump in Folsom, CA, Constantly Turn On and Off?

Heat pumps shouldn’t cycle more than two or three times an hour. If you’re facing this type of situation in Folsom, CA, have a service technician take a closer look. Short-cycling can point to one or more issues — the most common are dirty filters and low refrigerant. Read on for some common causes of your heat pump constantly turning on and off.

Clogged Air Filter

Homeowners should understand that short-cycling usually occurs when the heat pump overheats and must shut down as a safety precaution. A clogged air filter can definitely contribute to overheating, as it forces the heat pump to work harder to circulate the air. Make sure to clean or replace the filter at least once every 90 days.

Low Refrigerant Levels

Short-cycling may also result from a lack of refrigerant to absorb and release heat from your home. Either the service technician who installed your system didn’t put in enough refrigerant or it’s leaking through the lines. The latter presents a hazardous situation and will require immediate attention.

Thermostat Isn’t Calibrated

Most maintenance agreements include thermostat calibration because if the thermostat doesn’t read the temperature correctly, it may mistakenly think that the heat pump has reached the set point and will shut it off prematurely. This could explain the short-cycling.

Oversized Heat Pump

Lastly, heat pumps with a cooling capacity that exceeds the size of their homes will cool rapidly and in short cycles. This does severe damage to the system. Apart from a complete system replacement, no solution for this exists.

To see what type of AC repair can fix your short-cycling heat pump in Folsom, call Jaguar Heating & Air today and schedule a convenient appointment. Our family-owned company will provide you with not only professional work but also attentive customer care at every step. We strive for same-day service whenever possible and offer flat-rate pricing.

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