Is My Furnace Beyond Repair in Lincoln, CA?

Although skilled repairs are essential to keeping your furnace functioning through winter, they can’t accomplish everything. Sometimes, fixing your heating system in Lincoln, CA, might be either impossible or no longer worthwhile. Here are a few ways to know whether your furnace is beyond repair:

Increasingly Frequent Repairs

Once a competent service technician repairs your furnace, it should continue to perform well for quite some time. If you begin to notice that repairs are no longer having the long-lasting effect that they used to, this is a sign that your furnace may be on its last legs.

The purpose of repairs is to restore your furnace to efficient functioning, which will ultimately save you money. But constant repairs performed every few weeks or months are simply not cost-effective. If that happens, you’re better off purchasing a new and more reliable heating system.

Age of the Furnace

Even though repairs and annual maintenance may be able to extend your furnace’s lifespan quite a bit, it won’t last forever. At some point, stress and age will wear it down so much that it will no longer make sense to try and patch it.

If you treat them with careful and effective maintenance, gas-powered furnaces can typically last for 15-20 years. The equivalent figures for electric and heating oil furnaces are 20-30 and 15-20 years. After this time has elapsed, you should consider replacing your model for a more advanced heating system like a heat pump.

High Energy Bills

The decision to replace your furnace should ultimately be a rational one based on considerations like cost, efficiency and comfort. Therefore, replacement should be the obvious solution if your furnace’s components become so old and dysfunctional that they cannot use energy efficiently, causing your heating bills to spike.

Don’t keep a furnace that clearly can no longer do its job properly. That will only make your life in Lincoln, CA, needlessly difficult. Instead, call Jaguar Heating & Air and schedule our heating installation services today.

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