Easy Troubleshooting Guide for Heat Pump Repairs in Roseville, CA

It’s not a good idea for a homeowner to perform heat pump repairs on their own. But it’s helpful to know what may be wrong with your HVAC system before calling a professional in Roseville, CA. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot your heat pump.

Ice on the Exterior Unit

During the winter months, it’s not uncommon for a layer of frost or ice to develop on the outside of your unit. Your heat pump has a defrost feature that keeps this frozen layer from causing issues.

If a thick layer of ice forms on your heat pump, it means the system isn’t defrosting properly. This is typically because of a refrigerant leak, a faulty fan or a censor that’s not activating the defrost feature. In general, these issues need a professional repair.

System Constantly Running

It won’t take you long to realize that your heat pump is running longer than usual. Even if the sound of a constantly running system doesn’t get your attention, an increased utility bill will.

If your heat pump is running continually, it probably means one of two things is wrong: Either it’s not the proper size for your home, or you have a malfunctioning compressor causing the system to run too often. Depending on the age of your system, a compressor may be so expensive that a new system is the best choice.

Cold Air in the Winter

Another problem that you’ll notice quickly is that your heat pump is producing cold air in your home, even during the winter. While this can happen because you’ve accidentally switched the thermostat to AC mode, it can also mean something more significant, such as a valve issue, refrigerant problem or faulty compressor that needs professional replacement.

A valve or refrigerant problem is usually a relatively affordable repair, but a compressor is usually more expensive. If your system is older or has other issues, you should probably consider a replacement.

The service technician who compose our team are specially trained in fixing any issues that pertain to your home’s heating system. Call us at Jaguar Heating & Air today to find out about our heating repair and replacement options.

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