A heat pump is a name used for a types of HVAC system that provides both heating and cooling. Heat pumps are common in temperate climates like Sacramento, CA, as a way to regulate temperature throughout the year. Here are some commonly asked questions about heat pumps:

How Do I Cool My House With a Heat Pump?

A heat pump uses an indoor coil as a condenser and an outdoor coil as an evaporator. The outdoor coil carries the thermal energy indoors where the indoor coil transfers the thermal energy. Finally, the air handler carries the cool air around the home.

What Type of Heat Pumps are Available?

There are the three types of heat pump that are commonly available:

  • Air-to-air heat pump.
  • Water source heat pump.
  • Geothermal heat pump.

How Do I Keep My Heat Pump in Top Condition?

Heat pumps are popular in temperate climates because they work year-round. You can maintain a heat pump by practicing proper maintenance. For instance, change the air filter once a month and maintain the system according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, have a professional HVAC service technician inspect the heat pump at least once a year.

What Are the Pros of Owning a Heat Pump?

The main reason to own a heat pump is the cost savings. Using a heat pump can reduce your electric bill by up to 50 percent. That includes less overall energy usage during the summer months. The main con against a heat pump is the higher initial cost of installation. But you’ll quickly recoup that money in energy savings.

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