Happy Happy Happy!

We had Jaguar come out and give us an estimate to turn our HVAC system into a dual zone system. A gentleman by the name of Aldrin came out and gave us an estimate. He was such a nice person to deal with, super polite and friendly, and gave us a reasonable price. The crew came on time, did an exceptional job installing everything, and cleaned up great when they were finished. Couldn’t be happier! And BTW if you have a 2-story house and don’t have a dual zone system you are missing out. Since our thermostat was upstairs, our downstairs was always cold and upstairs was too hot. Now, we can heat each floor independently and we are actually warm downstairs. Whoo hoo!

Updated on: 12/08/16

Update – after about 6 hours of use our heating system completely stopped working. Neither zone would blow any hot air and the blower would not turn off until I cut power at the breaker panel. I called at 11pm because their site said they have a tech oncall ’24/7′. None of my calls were returned and when I finally got someone on the phone this morning and explained that we’ve been w/out heat for the last 12 hours they said they would get someone out ‘in a few hours’… We have an 11 month old at home and she’s too young for blankets so we had to bundle her up best we could but needless to say none of us slept at all last night. Its currently 59 degrees in our house, we’re on zero sleep, and are still waiting for confirmation that a tech is on the way. Sigh…

For now Ive removed 2 stars and I will update this once more after the situation is (hopefully) resolved.

Update2 – We have heat again! I have to say that Aldrin is a stand up guy and a pleasure to work with. He was always very positive, polite, and helpful. It turns out that the ignitor on the furnace as well as the board it was connected to failed. It was explained to me that most likely the ignitor failed first causing the board it was connected with to burn up as well. It does seem suspect that all this happened within hours of the work being performed but either way this company was willing to meet us half-way and give us a discount on a new board which is more than fair. With regard to the oncall it was explained to me that they no longer offer this service and just haven’t had the chance to update their website or the logo on their truck(s) which is understandable. I have no issue returning them to 5 star status and would definitely recommend using them again!

Definitely a “FIVE STAR” for the service we got today! Jeff was the technician on site. He was professional and competent, having our heating running within a few minutes. He charged only for the service call (with their promotion price). We are so glad that we called Jaguar, and will definitely call them again for any future heating and AC problems!

Thanks Jeff!

Great company for all your air condition and heating needs. Great fast service always on time and very reliable. I will suggest anyone to call Jaguar heating and air. They work with your budget. Moe help me and my family out personally working in our budget and replaced our air condition fast and did very good job. Moe took care of the permit and inspection as well. Great company I give them five stars and suggest them to any one looking.

Melvin S. 02/24/2017

Prompt, professional and very reasonably priced service for both furnace and AC units. The technician was knowledgeable and very thorough, explaining the importance of various diagnostic procedures and how efficiently and economically the unit was operating. Super service!

Rita L. 02/24/2017

I had Jaguar Heating & Air install a complete HVAC system a little month ago and it has been working great. The owner came for the estimate and was there through the entire install process which is very much appreciated. He is very knowledgeable and their price was excellent as well. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Amoranti B. Letter 02/24/2017