HVAC Service Google Android & Apple iPhone App in Sacramento, CA & Surrounding Cities

Heat pumps outside of home.

Service with Mobile App

At Jaguar-Air we understand that your time is very valuable for you and wasting it while waiting long hours for Air Conditioning technicians to arrive, when unfortunate emergency repairs are needed, is quite frustrating.

Jaguar Air Mobile makes you in charge of your A/C service and repair work. You can use Jaguar-Air mobile application to schedule service on-demand, without setting an appointment. You request the service on phone and the application finds nearest available technicians close to your house and sends your request to them. The technician accepts the job and they are on their way. No waiting, no holding line on phone for dispatchers, no middle man, period. You see the rating of technician who is arriving to service you. You get to see the trip fees upfront, and you can choose to do repairs as needed when technician arrives. No hidden fees, no hidden charges.

Once the service is complete, you provide your feedback and rate technician through the application.

Download the app today from Apple Store.

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